Choosing the Right Church for Your Family

As a Christian more often than not, you may find yourself in a dilemma of what and how to go about choosing a denomination for yourself as well as one that your family will follow. Having a denomination that encourages you rather than makes you feel tight is every important as a believer. This is because; the Bible clearly states that a church is not the structure but rather a body of believers that come together in the spirit of worship and praising the Lord. So as a believer it becomes a challenge to find another family of believers that will embrace you and hence avoid the cases of church hoping. Here’s a good read about great commission church summerville, check it out! 

For this reason you need to choose a church that will encourage you to worship and pray. As much as this statement seems so obvious, it is important to understand that worshiping is not about sitting through a worship service or singing songs. It is about the intimate moment and communication with God. And the church must be of help in connecting you with the Almighty God, and not only on weekly Sunday service but every day, throughout your life. This should be about worship to God the Father as it is what we exist for. To gather more awesome ideas on Westcott sc church,  click here to get started. 

A church should be a place that will encourage and equip you with the growing abilities in discipleship. This is crucial because as a disciple you are learning to live as Christ. A sign of life in a church is the growing number of members than growing the numbers. The glory of God increases with growing church. This growth entails serving and getting in missions, giving to the less fortunate as well as sharing the gospel with others.

When looking for church to settled down at and join in a family in the spirit of worshiping and serving God, you should consider the doctrines and teachings being conveyed. Doctrines that encourage sound minds are important. A lot of churches have doctrinal statements on the sign posts and walls. This needs to be looked at very carefully. It should show the relationship it has with the Scripture and what you believe in. To understand the positions of doctrinal statements, there should be an explanation on the following topics; the Trinity, salvation, sin, human destiny, the Bible and the church.

Most importantly, a church should be a place that you can experience Christian Fellowship. This should be just times of social gathering or pot-luck meals, but a gathering with a purpose to drive your resolve in serving the Lord and with the accordance to the teaching of Jesus Christ with his twelve disciples.

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